Who we are

Humans never change quickly and easily

We have trained more than a thousand CEOs, managers, coaches and psychologists. Real change requires a change of attitudes, motivations and feelings.

Our team

Ivan Valkovič

Ivan Valkovič is a psychotherapist accredited with Slovak and European Psychotherapy associations and other professional bodies well known to professionals in the field of psychology.Read more

Vladimír Hambálek

Vladimír Hambálek is our chief methodist of Wendy team with universal knowledge of a number of psychological directions, specialized in supervision for professional psychologists and trainers.Read more

Lenka Uherová

Lenka Uherová is a psychologist, psychotherapist and coach working in the humanist direction of the Person Centered Approach, with large experience with Employee Assistance Programs.Read more

Zuzana Zimová

Zuzana Zimová is focused on how relationships form our character and behavior - known for spreading the ideas of attachment theory and work wiht abandoned children, and for supervisions founded on psycho-dynamic approach.Read more

Jozef Stopka

Jozef Stopka is a PCC coach with more than 2.000 coaching sessions. He is one of the most experienced Slovak PCC coaches. He focuses on top managers, high-net-worth individuals and companies.Read more

Silvia Gallová

Silvia Gallová is a PCC coach, who focuses on implementing Agile Management and Design Thinking principles. She trains future leaders and has a fabulous track record in corporations.Read more

Andrej Vršanský

Andrej Vršanský is the CEO of Wendy, who has been applying humanistic approach to management for 15 years, with a track record of leading his own consulting business and providing strategic and change management for other businesses.Read more

Plus more than fifty other top psychologists within our network

Our network covers Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

We are active in the non-profit sector where we learn how to deal with real problems. We never participate in the for-profit sector more than 1/2 of our time.

This unique blend of experience gives us freedom to provide the unusual cocktail of business and personal advice . 

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