Business owners and managers understand the business.
We make sure that "how it feels" drives the business.

For employersWendy Academy

"Mental Health", "You Perform How You Feel" and "Transaction Analysis" workshop series.

Topics reflecting everyone's lives.  High quality interactive workshops, which are sincere, straight to the point, and presented by experienced experts with significant clinical experience.

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for larger companiesTell Wendy

Do you want to resolve burnout, bullying, harassment and discrimination at work?

A complete solution for anonymous reporting, for measuring, and interventions regarding burnout, bullying, harassment and discrimination at work. 

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For branchesEngage Productively

How to increase productivity and engagement at the same time?

We increase engagement by creating an environment, which feels safe.  We increase productivity by applying agile management tools.  We closely co-operate with Phil Abernathy - a renowned agile management expert, to make sure that increasing one does not decrease the other.

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For great managersSafety Scan

How does it feel in your company?

If you do not feel safe in your work environment, you will spend a substantial part of your energy to make yourself feel safe.  Only a part of your energy will then be used for the work you need to do.

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For production facilitiesError Rates & Production

How to decrease error rates and increase production at the same time?

If an individual makes a mistake at a production line, the entire team has to work longer to produce the target volumes.  The result is overtime, frustration, stress for line managers, but also higher cost and lower productivity.

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For investorsPotential Scan

Do you know if the start-up founder can make it?

Apart from the business plan, successful investors always consider the psychology of the founder.  We put structure into what is usually perceived as intuition.

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For ownersNew Breath

Something has to change. Maybe everything.

The company survives, but does not live.  Seems like everything is a little odd.  You don't know where to start. Together, we will figure it out by applying psychology.

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For leadersDecision Scan

Is this decision good for the company?

Sometimes, there is simply no one, who knows the business better, who has deeper insight and better intuition than the leader making the decision.  Where should the leader find advice to double-check the decision?

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For dead-lockProblem & Solution

Is there any way out?

Everybody wants something different, people are rude and nobody is willing to make a compromise.  You face a dead-lock.  This situation has the power to destroy any business or even organisation.

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For production facilitiesIntegration

What? We should integrate foreigners?

Leaving integration up to those to be integrated usually results in the foreigners becoming a common enemy.   Xenophobia, intolerance and fluctuation rise.

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