Tool Tell Wendy

A complete solution for anonymous reporting, for measuring, and interventions regarding burnout, bullying, harassment and discrimination at work. 

It is hard to accept that burnout is coming and even harder to tell others at work. How to address is?  Anonymously.

The ones who abuse, discriminate or harass others, rarely understand that their behavior is compeletely inappropriate.  But how can we find out that somebody misuses power, if the one, who should report it, is under the power of the one, who abuses it?  What to do, when you find out? How to detect the urgency of a complaint and what measures should be taken to correct the situation?

Our original anonymous online system collects reports from employees.  Wendy analyzes, evaluates the reports and provides interventions both on organisational and on individual levels. It is crucial that reporting system and intervention tools are outsourced and not a part of the organisation. 

There are many forms of burnout and abusive misconduct.  We are not talking about policies, based on which a man should not look at a woman for more than 5 seconds.  We are talking about situations, where somebody literally destroys another one’s life, hurts the other or humiliates  the other mentally.  When one ruins relationships, motivation, productivity, the management and shareholders do not want it, however, they usually do not have the time, human resources and education to resolve it.  Situations are usually very complex, every party remembers a different story.  It is crucial to use extremeley sensititve, however, effective approach.  It is better to leave the job to professional psychologists.



  • Register

    Start using the reporting online tool.  Sign the agreement and register at the website.  Register Wendy as a person allowed to resolve the reports with you.  We enter into contract with you to have the authorization to access the anonymous reports and to specify confidentiality and other improtant rules.

  • Promote

    Promote the system to employees.  We can help with presentations provided by our top psychologists with vast experience in power abuse, who will explain what is it all about and help focus on the important, not the popular “funny” parts.

  • Reporting a problem

    In case an abuse report is filed by an employee, we discretely find out what is the exact situation of the specific individual, team, victim and abuser. 

  • System interventions

    If reports are more frequent or if you already suspect, where the problem is, we will use our techniques to analyze the level of urgency and impact and we will provide a way out of the mess.

  • Diversity management and empowerment

    On top of structural or personell changes we will propose interventions for the victims and their teams to tranform the experience into team empowerment (respecting limits of the nature of the indicedent) and to introduce real diversity management.

  • Reports

    We will report regularly on the amounts and nature of the complaints and of the chosen interventions.

  • Other tools to cover it all

    We may provide other tools such as Safety Scan or Employee Assistance Program.  The result of our engagement will be, that the organisation has a complete outsourced professional system covering crisis interventions, measurement, evaluation and prevention against any misuse of power and discrimination in work environment, which ultimately leads to better engagement and productivity.

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