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If you do not feel safe in your work environment, you will spend a substantial part of your energy to make yourself feel safe.  Only a part of your energy will then be used for the work you need to do.

In the 

In the Aristoteles project, Google analyzed the performance of 180 tímov and came to the conclusion that the most decisive parameter determining the team performance, is the psychological safety.  We know how to screen the level of work environment safety and we know what interventions are needed to substantially improve it.  By improving the feeling of safety, the performance of teams and organizations will rise.  

Is our company full of jerks or are people nice to each other? Do my colleagues help each other?  What is the nature of internal competition?  Does everyone complain but do nothing to improve the situation? Do our people enjoy their work?  Do our staff treat our clients like dirt? Do our people feel safe to come up with new ideas?  Is the pressure too high?  Does most of the management think that there is no progress without stress?   Creating an inspiring company environment for the long run is a matter of applying psychology, understanding the purpose of the company and managing it to the effect that it feels safe to love it.


  • Data Collection

    We analyse how people feel and why.  Why they go to work, how the internal communication works, do people cooperate, are they forced to cooperate even if there is no reason for cooperation, do they feel appreciated, inspired, is there one person, who tortures others, how many times has an individual's idea been adopted by the rest of the team or the entire organisation? We find the answers to these and a lot of other questions through questionnaires and in-person interviews depending on the organisation's structure. To be able to do this, we need an enlightened management, who are not afraid to actually make a change based on the results.

  • Analysis

    We analyse the collected data and make additional research for any special topics, which were not completely covered in the first step.
    If so requested and based on our recommendation, we make a customer satisfaction survey in cooperation with strategic marketing experts to analyse, how the internal staff situation reflects on how the customers feel about the organisation's products.  
    Results are usually breathtaking.

  • Honest Report

    We report what we learned - without politically correct language.  We name the source of the problem.  We propose interventions that will substantially move the organisation to create a safe environment and increased performance.

  • Team Engagement

    No changes, no matter how brilliant they may be, will work without engaging all the others.
    It’s a pity how often even great ideas are not implemented, because the management does not understand natural fears and the uncertainty of all the others subject to the change.  We help to communicate the changes and engage the teams and individuals to drive the change.  
    Performance language often kills the performance.  We use human language.


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