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We increase engagement by creating an environment, which feels safe.  We increase productivity by applying agile management tools.  We closely co-operate with Phil Abernathy - a renowned agile management expert, to make sure that increasing one does not decrease the other.

Many branches of global corporations in Central Europe provide back-office services for clients from around the globe.  The indicators for measuring successful management of the branches are usually productivity and engagement of the people.   The problem is, that increasing one indicator usually decreases the other.  However, both are tightly linked and can be improved together. Led by Phil Abernathy, a renowned agile management expert, we identify the areas that need improvement and use Business Agility techniques and practices to create a great place to work, thus driving up productivity and improving engagement.  We use agile management principles and psychology in a unique original blend created by Wendy and Phil.


  • HR Department Interview

    We talk to the HR department to find out what tools are used for increasing productivity and engagement currently and how they are measured.

  • Employee Survey

    In a questionnaire we check how the tools used for increasing productivity and engagement are perceived by employees.

  • Plan

    We propose systemic tools for gradual improvement of both indicators.
    The client must approve the recommended tool.  

  • Execution

    We organise a series of workshops to execute the new tools.  Each team of 20 people will receive 4 workshops and 4 team leaders will receive additional 8 hours one-on-one coaching.  The process will take 3 - 24 months depending on the available resources and number of teams.

Phil Abernathy Keynote

Check Phil Abernathy explain how to structure business for Agility.

Please click here to see the keynote.

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