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Everybody wants something different, people are rude and nobody is willing to make a compromise.  You face a dead-lock.  This situation has the power to destroy any business or even organisation.

Employees, management and everybody else in a business, an NGO or a governmental agency have relationships which are complicated. Organisations are complicated by themselves - combining the complexity of people, their relationships and the organisation's purpose may create dangerous deadlocks, which are impossible to unlock by any other consultants but psychologists - because the dead-locks have roots in the psychology behind the relationships and individuals.   We absorb all that remains unsaid or unconscious and propose a way out.


  • Data Collection

    "What is the problem" is a simple question.   Typically, different people with different roles will give different answers.  Different teams will provide different answers than the individuals in their team.  Management perspectives will ensure even more different answers.  Based on questionnaires, we scan various roles to find out what the individuals think.  With selected individuals, we find out in an interview how they feel about their answers.

  • Analysis

    We analyse the collected data and make additional research for any special topics, which were not completely covered in the first step.

  • Honest Report

    We report what we learned - without politically correct language.  We name the source of the problem.

  • Group Solution

    In almost every organisation, there are individuals, who know how to get out of problems, but who are not given enough attention to be heard.  We facilitate this kind of discussion to empower those who have the ideas to get rid of fear and propose the solutions.  We typically segment the solutions with similar roles corresponding to the hierarchy of the organisation.
    The psychologist will cautiously take care to handle potential conflicts and will adjust the speed of this process to the abilities of the team, so that the teams do not end up fighting against each other, but engaging to find the way out.
    Afterwards, we mix all the ideas together and facilitate the creation of the way out of the deadlock.
    We thereby transform the bad situation into cooperation, which does not only solve the problem itself, but to a large extent eliminates the source of the problem.


  • Solution Supervision

    Through individual sessions and targeted workshops, we make sure, that destructive moods do not ruin the transformation process.  This stage can take several months.

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