Tool Potential Scan

Apart from the business plan, successful investors always consider the psychology of the founder.  We put structure into what is usually perceived as intuition.

How the founder appears and how the founder is as an individual, in the present and target roles, in the team set-up and in the organisation from an intellectual, emotional, personal, social, and leadership perspective. Is there any suggested intervention that will mitigate the investment risks? Will the founder’s talent destroy the founder? Do we recommend to make the investment with this founder on board?


  • Business Plan

    Based on a business plan subject to review by the investor, we identify the key competence set the founder has to meet in order to fulfill the role as a founder and manager.

  • Psychologists & Methods

    We select one or two psychologists, based on the type of Potential Scan (light or optimum), each using a different diagnostics methodology, who make a tailor-made set of activities and questions, that will test the competence set of the founder, the inner motivations and feelings associated with selected parameters crucial for successful fulfillment of the role as a founder.

  • Scan

    Two therapists meet the founder in person and discuss everything in a 3-4 hour discussion targeting not only competences but most of all the motivations, fears, personality and potential of the founder in the role as an individual, team leader or member and organisational manager.

  • Analysis

    Two psychologists present at the scan analyse their data, confront them with a third psychologist who was not present at the meeting and decide on the results of the scan. The report is filled out and sent to the investor.  The collected source data are not shared with the investor.

  • Report

    The final report covers the following topics:

    personality type:
    intellectual status and prediction:
    emotional status and prediction:
    social status and prediction:
    attachment bond type:

    core motivation for the business:
    core motivation for life:
    core fear in the business:
    core fear in life:
       potential (best/worst):
       as an individual
       in the role
       as a team member
       as organisational leader

    how to boost performance positively:
    how to boost performance negatively:
    taboo topics:
    money / power / manipulation :
       absolutely necessary:
       nice to have:

    investment recommendation as CEO / shareholder:


A successful CEE private equity investor, was not sure whether or not to invest in an uncharismatic, but extremely bright start-up founder.
We studied the business plan, prepared a structured interview with two psychologists, each using a different psychological method and talked to him for 3 hours. The investor received a simple A4 with the recommendation to invest but to pay attention to the founder's thirst for risk. Risk was the trigger that drew the founder's deep passion for the business, which in fact drew the most attention of the investor, who was originally unsure about a completely different aspect of the founder's personality. Wendy recommended the investor to never allow the founder to sign any legal document without the investor's consent.
He is now one of the investor's best investments.

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