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The company survives, but does not live.  Seems like everything is a little odd.  You don't know where to start. Together, we will figure it out by applying psychology.

Wendy scans the individuals inside the company, our partners will make a completely new marketing strategy, to be implemented with a revised management style and processes.  We as psychologists make sure the changes are accepted.


  • How Employees Feel

    We analyse how employees feel and why.  What doesn’t work, why it doesn’t work, what makes them happy and what frustrates them, who drives them crazy all the time and why, what they miss and why, what was the best time they experienced and why are the good times over, what are the topics they never talk about and why, and how many times have they come up with a really good idea and what was the result? We find the answers to these and a lot of other questions through questionnaires and in-depth interviews.

  • How Customers Feel

    Our renowned strategic marketing partners make a customer satisfaction survey to analyse how the internal staff situation reflects on how the customers feel about the organisation's products.  Are they satisfied, are their expectations fulfilled, what keeps bothering them and why, why they buy the products, why they do not buy other products from the competition, which needs are covered by the products they buy and which are not but would be, which values and beliefs are shared with the values and beliefs radiated by the company, brand, products, and marketing?
    The survey is not a regular direct marketing survey, but a sophisticated process with in-depth insights for not only B2C, but also for B2B relationship-based sales models.


  • How the Company is Managed

    In co-operation with our world-renowned partner for Agile management, we scan the processes, analyse them and propose how to manage the company better, cheaper and faster.

  • Plan Approval

    We make a plan uniting all the information and proposals subject to the approval of the owners.

  • Making the Changes

    Based on the approved plan, we lead the overall changes in close cooperation with the owners, management and employees.

    It will take usually 12-24 months to finish the process.

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