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Sometimes, there is simply no one, who knows the business better, who has deeper insight and better intuition than the leader making the decision.  Where should the leader find advice to double-check the decision?

Consulting competitors about an idea from within or outside the team is out of the question.  Consult yourself or get the intelligence from the team to make sure you decide correctly.


  • Decision Brief

    What is the question the business addresses, the strategic plan or question that will influence the business for many years ahead? What are the positions of decision-makers and the sources of intelligence? What is the problem regarding the decision and what kind of interventions are needed to facilitate the decision? We need to meet and talk through the filled-out brief.  Alternatively, the client may fill-out the brief during our conversation, whatever feels more comfortable. Do you just need to clear your mind without any other further information regarding others or do you want to find out what others think and why? We will plan our activity based on the goal.

  • Scan

    If you need to deeply think about your decision and make sure that you are making the correct one, we will meet in person at least 3 times based on your preferences.
    For deeper intelligence from your team, we take one month to analyse what are the motivations and fears of all individuals taking part in the decision-making process, how their roles may be influenced consciously and unconsciously, how will the teams be affected and how they cooperate or sabotage the process?
    We join strategic meetings, board meetings, and talk to anyone important with respect to the target decision to fully understand the psychology of the relevant individuals and teams to see the whole picture of mostly the unconscious motivations that lead to the need of the decision.


  • Report

    If we consult with you personally, you get the feedback right away.
    If we deal with others, we report what we have learned in one month and give a professional opinion and recommendation on the decision subject to review.  If more information is needed to make a fair judgement, we propose prolonging the service for another month.  The client decides whether or not more insight is necessary to understand the psychology behind the business decision.

  • Another Decision ?

    Businesses make decisions all the time.  Psychological insights bring a whole new perspective to what people consider important and urgent.  This new perspective enables better decisions, which are adopted by teams faster and more efficiently.
    We provide an outsourced long-term presence of a skilled psychologist to provide management with the needed intelligence and to support individuals and teams to be able to focus on what is crucial.



A senior team director in a global IT corporation understood that psychological support will be crucial for dividing the original team of senior IT consultants with more than 25 year in the company, into three parts - one of them to be sold to a new company, and two new teams were to be parts of two new subsidiaries as a result of a restructuring process. We empowered the director to radiate certainty, decisiveness and power in the most critical moments. In fact, he did so well that he got promoted to higher management levels in the US. The original team, which was divided into two teams still works together.

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